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These days it’s not enough to just have a website, no matter how elaborate or visually engaging it may be. Today’s businesses require dynamic content solutions, and Greenbaum Marketing web development clients enjoy the power and flexibility of our advanced Content Management Systems (CMS) to edit and optimize their web content.

In a matter of minutes our clients can edit content with secure content management solutions tailored to their business and the specific needs of their website. Our standard CMS enables our clients to easily manage press releases, testimonials, photo galleries, videos and more. We also offer custom solutions where our programmers can translate nearly any unique client business need into functionality.


Your website's Content Management System (CMS) can be customized to suit your organization's unique needs:

  • Site will be built with only the features it requires to be effective, not to some pre-existing template with features you’ll never use.
  • Individual users in your company can be assigned different user permission levels, giving them access only to the areas they need to manage.
  • Pre-formatted content managers ensure you can make easier changes without wondering how it will look once published on the site.


Security continues to be a concern for anyone doing business online. At Greenbaum we are particularly sensitive to our clients’ security concerns and our sites and CMS systems employ the most advanced security measures available today:

  • Proprietary coding for your content management system
  • Greenbaum CMS do not utilize third party plug-ins
  • Our systems are built on a PHP platform which can be hosted by any major provider

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Intuitive and Easy to Use

We engineer our Content Management Systems to be simple, intuitive and easy for even the non-tech savvy in your organization. Our solutions feature convenient features including:

  • Large button dashboard for simple control
  • Instant one-click online publishing
  • Full CMS access from any computer


With many Content Management Systems you’ll end up paying a licensing fee to a third party, often a significant charge. When Greenbaum Marketing builds your CMS platform there is no licensing fee to pay, once we construct the platform you own it forever.

Additional features can be designed and programmed into your CMS at any time, all licensing-free. This is a significant advantage over the typical, licensing fee-based model commonly offered by many so-called “interactive” agencies who rely on licensing revenue as part of their business model.

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Adding and Editing Pages

Web sites created by the Greenbaum Marketing interactive team are especially dynamic and flexible. Clients have the ability to create new pages and add content with the click of a mouse. A user-friendly site map management tool allows page content to be added or edited at any time and a word style editor tool gives the user added quality control. The ability to edit and expand content on the fly not only makes your site more robust, but makes it more SEO friendly as well.

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Press and Testimonials

One of the ways today’s successful organizations keep their websites at the top of search results is to frequently update and refresh content via press releases and customer testimonials.

Greenbaum Marketing builds into every site a level of access that allows a client to assign employees to the task of adding press and testimonials as needed. Pre-formatted style guides make the design of these updates consistent and ensure all updates and postings mesh with existing content.

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Location Manager

If your business features multiple locations or franchises you will most likely want to include a location search tool in the programming of your website. Greenbaum Marketing offers a unique set of location management tools that can be added to your site and used to keep the site up to date with all locations in your system.

Our location manager tool allows clients to add locations with just one click and utilizes Google mapping systems for accuracy and a familiar interface. In fact, you will have the option to make your location sites appear as a single results page or even link to a completely unique website for individual locations.

Your managers or franchisees can be given various levels of access to the location manager tool for their particular needs. However, you can also customize the system to require all changes to be controlled and approved by your corporate offices.

franchise market map, franchise map, growth markets, market mapFranchise Market Maps

Franchise brands are nearly always in a state of system growth. One of the first questions a potential franchisee will ask is what territory remains available for development within the system. In order to keep this information current, a franchisor’s website must be constantly updated to reflect current market availability.

For our franchisor clients, Greenbaum Marketing creates websites utilizing HTML5 maps that work on all devices and display markets per city, state or country. These maps can be tremendously effective for franchisee recruitment and lead conversion.

cms meta data, meta data manager, greenbaum seo managerMeta Data Manager

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is without question the most effective, cost efficient way for a company to increase the power of their online presence. A search optimized website is exponentially more effective for sales and lead generation. However, managing meta data to boost organic SEO is often overlooked in the rush to get a site online.

For our web development clients Greenbaum Marketing Communications offers a meta data management solution that makes SEO a much simpler process. Your site will feature a one-step manager for adding meta data and the Greenbaum team will create and load all of your initial meta data prior to going live. Plus, your new site comes standard with all of the necessary text tags to optimize every page for search engines.

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Landing Pages

Considering all the effort and investment you put into your online and social media campaigns, you certainly don’t want them to lose steam at the final and most important step. Greenbaum Marketing specializes in creating exceptionally effective landing pages for social media, email and online campaigns.

We realize every online campaign is unique and offer different solutions for different campaign goals from lead qualification/conversion to direct sales to data mining. Our landing pages are visually engaging and offer powerful conversion tools for every type of business.

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