Top 10 Reasons. Just a warning, you may be convinced after just three reasons.

Sourcing and assessing a marketing agency is no easy task, so we are going to simplify the process for you. We have developed the Top 10 reasons to consider hiring Greenbaum Marketing. This way, at a glance, you can easily understand our core competencies.


Our experience in franchising is extensive and we are the only firm with a principal who has spent a great deal of his professional career on the franchisor side of the business.


Our creative team in second to none and they believe in the notion that "good" is not good enough – it has to be great. Each team member is confident in their ability to convey messaging and position brands in powerful and memorable ways.


Our team loves to challenge their creativity and ability to deliver results. We consider ourselves fortunate to be working in an industry we love with such great client relationships.


Our knowledge comes from over two decades of marketing experiences, the sum of hundreds of successes and even our failures. We continue to improve our skills and adapt to a changing society.


We put "results" and ROI at the forefront of each project, as we innovate ways to maximize response, customer loyalty and lead generation.


Our team is comprised of marketing, creative and interactive professionals who share a common perspective and standards for how they approach their work. They also share an incredible work ethic and belief that their reputation is tied to every completed project.

Client Collaboration.

We thrive on collaborative relationships with clients as we leverage their knowledge and experience to deliver optimal results. Our best work has been a result of the fantastic client relationships (and friendships) we have established.

Customer Service.

The true test of a firm is its ability to maintain strong client communications in the busiest of times. We have a strong commitment to excellence in customer service, keeping clients informed and making the time to provide the same customer experience that we would want to receive ourselves.


We use technology in so many ways: to improve communication with clients; to collaborate more effectively; to incorporate new and different client/projects needs that enhance ability to generate revenues and build brand equity.


Greenbaum Marketing is a respected contributor to franchising, with Martin Greenbaum, CFE serving as a franchising advocate on Capital Hill and through International Franchising Association (IFA) committee involvement.

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