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In selecting our strategic partners over the years, we’ve been, well, strategic. We choose to work with those companies who perform at our levels and enhance our marketing products.

If you or your company has something to bring to the table, let us know.

Strategic Partner - Management 2000, Franchise Consulting, Franchise Training

Management 2000

Franchise Consulting

Management 2000 was founded in 1981 and from the beginning specialized in franchise consulting with companies to use franchising as a business growth strategy. They have worked with over 1100 companies including those considering franchising their business [start-ups] to well-established companies with thousands of locations that want to solve franchise issues and challenges. Their expertise, as franchise consultants, lies in the development of and being advisors to the franchise planning, development of systems, the granting of License Agreements, organizational development, organizational design, organizational effectiveness, franchisor/franchisee relations, write or re-write franchise operations manuals, designing franchise training seminars, training people, strategic-planning, optimizing market presence and many other topics necessary in a growing company that is utilizing franchising.

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Strategic Partners - Franchise America Finance, Franchise Financing, Franchise Consulting

Franchise America Finance

Franchise Financing and Consulting

The mission of Franchise America Finance is to provide lending assistance to small and mid-sized businesses, as well as to individuals acquiring small and mid-sized businesses. Known nationally as an expert on issues of finance in the franchising and intermediary market for transactions up to $10 Million, Franchise America Finance continues to provide cutting edge counsel to the industries that it services. Today they serve some of the biggest and most respected brands in franchising, setting the bar for customer service and getting deals done. Franchise America Finance, is committed to achieving business and financial success for their clients while delivering top-level customer care.

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Strategic Partners - FranConnect, Franchise Management Systems, Franchising Solutions, franchise crm, franchise sales


Franchise Management Systems

FranConnect is the #1 provider of Franchise Management Systems with the most comprehensive franchising solution on the Planet! FranConnect’s integrated suite of software applications allow franchise organizations to manage all aspects of their operations including Sales, Marketing, Financial Data Collection and Analysis, Royalty Invoicing and Automated Funds Transfer, Contract and Legal Document Management, Customer Relationship Management, Help Desk, Franchisee Support, Online Training, Supply Management, Automated Ad-Builder, E-mail Marketing, Franchisee Web-sites, ZIP Code Locator Service, QuickBooks, Peachtree and POS Integration.

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Strategic Partner - MFV Expo, Premier Franchise Events, Franchise Lead Generation

MFV Expositions

Lead Generation Brands and Producers of Premier Franchise Events

MFV produces the premier franchise events worldwide. These global events consistently bring together franchise concepts, at all investment levels, with the most qualified visitors seeking to own their own business. In the U.S. they produce the three most successful expositions that offer growing franchisors the ability to meet face-to-face with thousands of qualified candidates in regional locations across the nation. Their reach extends far past the borders of the U.S. into the UK, Mexico, Brazil, Egypt, India and Ireland. In addition to their expositions, they operate a host of websites that offer franchise prospects around the globe the ability to access information about franchise opportunities that are seeking aggressive growth. Their reputation has been built upon their innovation and ability to net incredible results for their franchise clients.

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Strategic Partner - F.C. Dadson, Display Specialists, Retail Enviroments

F.C. Dadson SIB, LLC

Retail Environments & Display Specialists

F.C. Dadson is an interior design and manufacturing company that specializes in creating, constructing, fulfilling and installing brand environments, displays, and kiosks. With over 35 years of helping retailers and franchisors creating unique interior environments, they are recognized as a premier and trusted vendor to franchisors and national chains. They combine personalized service with a corporate infrastructure and supplier network that allow them to meet the needs of clients big and small around the nation.

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Strategic Partner - Jerry Darnell & Associates, franchise consultants

Jerry Darnell & Associates

Franchise Consulting

Jerry Darnell and Associates serves franchisors at every stage of their growth and development, whether they are a new brand, an emerging brand or a mature brand. We provide an approach that covers all areas of the franchising spectrum, focusing on insuring that all aspects are running at peak capacity. Jerry Darnell and Associates provides the help that franchisors need to measure their growth and expand their reach.

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Strategic Partner - Fishman PR, Franchise Public Relations, Franchise Journalism

Fishman PR

Franchise Public Relations

Fishman Public Relations has a long history of generating positive publicity for franchise brands of all shapes and sizes. Because franchise systems operate differently than other companies, with unique legal and political landscapes, franchisors require specialists like Fishman Public Relations to handle their PR correctly. They have a deep understanding of working with franchisees, growing brands and handling crisis situations. Their agency’s unique history, culture and leadership is a perfect match for franchisors seeking PR expertise. Much of Fishman PR’s success is due a culture that encourages creativity and teamwork and rewards results. Their management team has more than 60 years combined experience in PR, journalism and lead generation for franchise companies.

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Strategic Partner - FRANdata, franchise information systems, franchsie data services


Franchise Information Services

To make decisions, data is helpful but not sufficient. Turning vast amounts of data into information that helps businesses make better decisions is FRANdata's goal. FRANdata is the franchise industry's source for objective information and analysis. For more than 15 years the FRANdata has been the company everyone turns to for information with which to support business decisions and activities of businesses operating in and around the franchise world. FRANdata is helping to change the basic way decisions are made through data and analysis that are timely, objective and helpful.

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Strategic Partner - Javelin Solutions, Franchise Site Selection, Franchise Real Estate

Javelin Solutions

The Evolution of Franchise Site Selection

Javelin Solutions is the only real estate company focused exclusively on the franchise industry, finding high-performance sites and negotiating favorable Leases in 90 days. By finding the common trends of your high performing sites, Javelin Solutions applies the key success drivers, local market expertise and drill down site demographics to match great sites with great franchisees, resulting in consistently higher unit performance. They implement a methodical site selection process that sources optimal sites across the country using an extensive network of pre qualified local brokers. Javelin is responsible for communicating with their clients’ franchisees, educating and managing the local broker, approving the site and negotiating the lease. By outsourcing to Javelin, franchisors can focus on sales and operations support, while being assured that consistent, well performing sites are found for their franchisees.

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Strategic Partner - Guidant, franchise finance, financial partner


Franchise Funding Alternative

Since their founding in 2003, Guidant Financial, has emerged as the industry leader in self-directed IRAs and innovative small business financing. Their services enable people from all walks of life to purchase alternative investments (i.e., real estate, small businesses, mortgages, tax liens, etc.) inside their retirement plans as an investment, without taking a taxable distribution. Guidant has helped thousands of new business and franchise owners obtain alternative small business funding by providing innovative and easy-to-use small business financing solutions.

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