Location Websites. Build business for your franchisees while growing your own SEO rankings.

Franchisee Location Websites, SEO rankings, Microsite Marketing

Just as vital as promoting your franchise with a branded corporate site is enabling your franchisees to maintain their own location websites, establishing their businesses within their own communities. A location microsite accomplishes many things, including:

  • It acts as a sales representative for the franchise
  • It improves the value of the primary domain
  • Helps in increasing website conversions rate
  • A high ranking in search engines will facilitate an increase in targeted traffic to the site
  • By focusing on very specific, location-related search criteria, microsites tend to boost customer loyalty which encourages return user visits


Note: Unless you want tens or possibly hundreds of different looking websites out there sending mixed messaging about your franchise brand, it’s best to take control and establish one look that each of your franchisees use. Your brand and everyone involved will be better in the long run.

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How Location Websites Boost Traffic

Location website, or micro-sites, typically target long tail keywords—usually those with minimal monthly search numbers and little competition because the ratio between them works to your advantage. These long tail keywords become the promotional focus for both the website and each domain in an effort to cast a net over the resulting traffic. When successful, website traffic receives a boost as does the ranking on major search engines.

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