Greenbaum Team Hits Home Run on New Franchise Development Website for RE/MAX
Posted by Martin Greenbaum
March 26, 2013

I just have to say I couldn’t be prouder of my Team and how they really came through on the franchise development website we recently completed for RE/MAX®. After all, this was a BIG assignment. RE/MAX is the world’s largest real estate company with over 6,300 offices in 85 countries. They’ve were named to Franchise Times’ Top 200 Franchise Systems in 2012, and Franchise Direct’s top 100 Global Franchises in 2011. And when an industry leader like that comes calling, it adds more than a bit of pressure. But we not only met their expectations, we exceeded them. Now, I don’t mean to brag, but RE/MAX is so happy that other global offices have requested to use the new site in their countries. As of this writing, the Greenbaum-designed website was being brought online in Canada and Portugal, with more countries planned in the future. Like I said, a home run.

Despite being a real estate icon, RE/MAX knew they could do even better in recruiting franchisees. They had a recruitment website, but felt they needed to take it to the next level. That’s where Greenbaum Marketing came in.

After talking to RE/MAX representatives from all over the U.S., the Greenbaum Team got to work. RE/MAX said they really wanted the site to fit with their new brand. Plus, they wanted the new site to be more process driven, something that followed their sales process closely.

With that in mind, we created the new site, using an elegant, modern design, simple navigation and straight-talking writing. We also used a very organic-feeling SEO strategy to boost search results. It also contained an entire section pointing out RE/MAX’s lower investment costs and fees for Brokers converting their existing brokerages to RE/MAX franchises. We even included some humorous “callouts” dispelling some of the common “myths” and misconceptions of RE/MAX that potential franchisees might hear. Of course we never forgot that at the end of the day, a website has to perform and maximize the number of visitors that are converted into leads. Judging by RE/MAX’s reaction, I’d say we more than puled if off.

You can check out he new RE/MAX Franchise Sales website at

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