Website Performance

Franchise Website Performance Problems

For most franchisors, website performance remains a problem that continues to plaque their organization and cost substantial revenues system-wide. We help franchisors detect and fix performance problems. We review website performance metrics and compare them to industry averages. We review and test conversion strategies and sales funnels, creating improvements that lead to more customers and prospects. We have no bias because our recommendations are not tied to additional service offerings. We’re here to get to the bottom of website performance issues and help you get them fixed in the most cost effective way possible.

Creating Accountability

Having a consultant work on your website instantly takes accountability to a whole new level. It forces various stakeholders and vendors to be accountable for website performance or the lack thereof. Instead of dwelling on the past, we like to bring all the parties together to develop a website strategic plan that corrects website deficiencies and takes website performance to a whole new level. Stakeholder and vendor accountability is restructured to include monthly reporting and analysis. These insights are reported in monthly management meetings where they can have the largest impact.

RFP Process / Agency Selection

There’s a certain amount of due diligence that has to occur at the onset of the franchise website development process. To streamline the RFP process, we help franchisors develop an initial scope of work document that becomes an essential part of the RFP process. We also help franchisors vet website programming and technology partners, managing the vendor selection process and negotiating terms. Our experience in this process saves time, money and the internal resources that many franchisors don’t have.


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