Lead Generation Strategy

Reach Your Development Goals

Greenbaum Marketing Strategy helps franchise companies successfully target qualified franchise candidates and improve their franchise lead generation success. We create profiles based on high performing franchisees and develop targeted strategies based on those profiles, leveraging our experience with all forms of lead generation. We blend an intelligent marketing mix of best practices, while innovating new strategies tailored to your candidate profiles and market conditions. We partner with our clients, listen, and value their perspectives as we work diligently together to improve results and maximize the ROI of their franchise development budgets.

Research & Analysis

New client engagements begin with a Discovery Process where we take a deep dive into your brand to gain a comprehensive understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, and performance. The process includes interviews with leadership, franchise development, and operating franchisees.

Our Discovery Process helps us understand the following:

  • Company Culture
  • Franchise Candidate Profiles
  • Company Strengths / Momentum
  • Franchisee Validation
  • Historical Performance
  • Company Challenges
  • Brand Positioning
  • Competition
  • Leadership Perspectives
  • Performance Goals
  • Development Goals

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning for franchise lead generation is a complex process that requires a unique understanding of franchise candidate buying behaviors and the landscape of media, events, and online lead generation strategies. We partner with franchise brand leadership to set goals, budgets, and develop a strategic plan that will deliver qualified franchise candidates.

Our strategic planning typically includes:

  • Lead Generation Metrics / Goal Setting
  • Written Strategic Plan / Rational
  • Budget Development
  • Brand Positioning Strategy
  • Implementation Plan / Schedule

As part of our processes, we come onsite to engage in a full-day strategy session to collaborate with franchisors and their leadership team. Our strategy sessions are very powerful and effective in educating us on the nuances and culture of our clients’ franchise brand. Most importantly, we take a deep dive into all the activities that have an effect on franchise lead generation performance.

Interested in having a franchise lead generation strategy session? Let’s schedule a call and discuss the details.

Creative Strategy

In the first 10 seconds after a visitor lands on your website they make a decision on whether they will continue or leave. The creative strategy for a franchise development website is unique and there are best practices. Over years of helping franchise brands develop highly effective franchising websites, we know the secrets and tailor our creative strategy to candidate profiles and their online behaviors. We build powerful websites that instantly inspire candidates to seek more information. We believe the site architecture, brand elements, visual imagery, and content need to work in harmony, delivering an experience that exceeds expectations. More importantly, the creative strategy’s purpose is to support our primary goal – more leads!


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