Franchise Development Websites

Today more than ever franchisors rely on their franchise development website to educate franchise candidates and turn initial interest into conversations. Much of a franchisors success with lead generation and ultimately system growth is dependent on their ability of their website to convert site visitors into leads. Maintaining an effective franchising website has become increasingly difficult due to frequent updates to Google’s algorithms, shift to responsive/mobile friendly websites, the evolution of the user experience (and their expectation), and content marketing requirements. We assist franchisors in developing and maintain high-performance franchise recruitment websites that improve rankings and maximizes conversions (leads).

12 Years  |  50+ Development Websites

As one of the premiere franchise development website specialists, we have worked with many of the most recognized brands in franchising to significantly improve their online results.

Website Strategy

The success of your lead generation strategy and budget is significantly dependent on the competency of your franchise development website. We know that 100% of your franchise candidates will make certain judgments about you based on their initial reaction to your franchise development website.

We help franchisors develop a franchise website strategy that takes the following into consideration:

  • Brand Positioning
  • Audience (Candidate Profiles)
  • Communication Strategy
  • Maximizing Conversion (visitors to leads)
  • Self Pre-Qualifying
  • Inspiring Candidates
  • Educating Candidates
  • Organic Search Competency
  • Responsive Design / Mobile Experience
  • Content Management
  • CRM Integration

Franchising Website Design

Today’s franchise development website helps franchise candidates get inspired and educated. We believe in exceeding expectations and providing a user experience that is superior to your competition and supports your brand positioning in the strongest way possible. Franchise website design is a function of website goals, therefore it is essential that the design incorporate multiple paths to conversion. And with over 40% of franchise candidates performing their due diligence on mobile devices, your franchise development website needs to be as powerful on a mobile device as it is on a laptop.

Greenbaum Marketing Strategy helps franchisors through the website development process, lending our award winning expertize to ensure your new franchising website is extremely effective in helping you reach your development goals. We collaborate with your internal resources, creative firms, and web developers, lending our experience with online lead generation specific to franchisee recruitment. We serve as senior design consultants, providing creative direction and design support to ensure the site architecture, brand positioning, user experience, and content works in harmony.

We help our clients tell their story in a way that inspires franchise candidates to learn more.


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