Brand Positioning

How you convey brand positioning for franchise development differs from your consumer marketing. There are very few franchisors that have included franchise development in their brand style guides. Greenbaum Marketing Strategy helps translate franchise brands in a communication journey that starts with the prospects first point of contact. We tailor brand values and culture into communications that helps brands tell their story and communicate their competency.

Exceeding Expectations

People, especially franchisee prospects, have expectations when they come in contact with your brand. It is vital to your franchise development success that you are able to instantly attract their attention and deliver a WOW factor.

Targeting Candidate Profiles

Brand positioning for franchise development should always target your top franchise candidates. We help franchise brands develop franchise development communication and creative strategies that resonates with their candidates. Whether a brand is seeking single unit owner operators or multi-unit owners for market domination, we tailor the brand to the candidate buying behaviors and expectations.

Franchise Branding Services

Most of our clients are seeking a new look, method, and style to communicate their brand. We help brands reinvent their franchise development positioning to be more effective in generating leads and deals. Our creative strategy supports your franchise lead generation goals and can breath new life into your brand.

We would love to share with you some great examples of how we have helped many respected franchise brands be more effective in positioning their brand for franchise development. Let’s talk.


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