Strategic Planning

Franchise unit performance and optimizing same store sales growth is vital to every franchise organization. Franchisors are faced with a unique set of challenges with franchisees playing an important role in acquiring and retaining customers. With the understanding that most emerging franchisors have very limited budgets and internal resources, it is essential that they make the right decisions regarding those budget dollars and provide the most value to franchisees.

Franchise Marketing Strategists

With over 26 years of consumer marketing experience, Greenbaum Marketing specializes in helping franchisors make smart decisions with their marketing strategy. Focused on marketing automation and consumer behavior, we help franchise brands navigate the technology revolution, improve brand positioning, recruit customers, build loyalty, and promote franchisee adoption of critical marketing initiatives.

Strategic Marketing Planning

There’s no doubt that marketing is challenging and franchising adds that extra layer of difficulty. Depending on the franchise system, their industry, level of sophistication, Franchise Advisory Council (FAC) and marketing department structure, strategic planning can look very different. With so much at stake, it is vital to have a comprehensive approach to strategic marketing planning.

Our process overview:

  • Strategic Phase – We always begin with understanding where we’ve been and where we need to be. Setting concrete goals and objectives at the forefront of the process gives you a target as you move through the process. We’re also going to take a deep dive into the current situation and perform a SWOT Analysis to understand clients’ strengths and weaknesses.
  • Tactical Phase – The Tactical Phase is where we have all the fun developing marketing strategies and tactics. Our strategic plan is built relying on the performance metrics, historical data, and our experience with the results of various strategies and related tactics. In this phase, a written strategic marketing plan is developed allowing franchise leadership and the FAC to understand the objectives and our approach to goal attainment.
  • Operational PhaseThe Operation Phase is where the plan goes into action. This phase requires the budgets and the resources to be in place. The marketing team initiates the plan and measures results as they come in.

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