Prospecting / Targeting

No business can survive without a steady stream of new customers. Franchisors that are developing new markets are constantly faced with launching in communities that have little to no exposure to their brand, products or services. Complicated by the limited experience, resources, time and budgets of franchisees, new customer prospecting is a serious challenge for franchise systems as they fight to help their franchisees realize steady growth.

Customer Prospecting Services

At Greenbaum Marketing, we partner with franchisors and their marketing resources to enhance their strategies and develop innovative ways to reach new customers. We leverage our experience and creativity, breathing new life into tired campaigns and implementing technology and automation where possible. We help franchisors develop national strategies that take some of the burden off their franchisees while leveraging the economies of scale to deliver a consistent and strong brand promise.

Our services include:

  • Segmentation
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Campaign Development
  • Creative Direction
  • Technology Consulting
  • Performance / Analysis

Online Prospecting

The new age of customer prospecting is here. Implementing smart digital marketing, social media and review strategies, we can help franchisees achieve the growth goals with a steady stream of new customers. We also help franchisors automate the process, making recommendations technology partners that are appropriate and cost effective.

We analyze the whole customer experience online, providing insight on areas where we may be limiting customer engagement through your primary consumer website and branded web properties. And finally, we seek those opportunities where we can help you improve your performance.

Offline Prospecting

As online prospecting continues to evolve, there still remains a need for traditional marketing (offline prospecting) to generate new customers for franchise locations. We analyze customer data, create customer models, and develop strategic marketing plans that target customer prospects that are most likely to respond. We are direct marketing specialists that understand consumer behaviors that guide us as we structure customer offers and develop high-impact marketing collateral. Most importantly, develop strategic plans around new customer engagement to guide the process and measure results.


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