Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty for Franchise Systems

Launching a new customer loyalty program is a major initiative for any franchise system. And let’s face it, not all loyalty programs are created equal. Ultimately, you need your loyalty program to increase your unit revenues and be valued by your customers. We help franchise brands navigate the complexity of customer loyalty programs by offering the following services:

  • Marketing Strategy – Franchise brands grow by adding new locations, adding new customers and maximizing the revenue and referral potential of each and every customer. We help franchise brands develop and implement marketing strategy that leads to unit revenue growth.
  • Technology Consulting – We assess a franchisors needs and pair them with customer loyalty and gift card technologies suppliers that are the right fit. We have a deep understanding of the technology, capabilities, and loyalty marketplace.
  • Rewards & Redemption Structure – Your rewards and redemption structure is key to success of your program. If you provide adequate value, them you’ll have more customers engaged with the program. It is proven that a well-conceived loyalty program will increase customer frequency and average ticket.
  • Mobile Experience – Most of your customers will be engaging with your loyalty program with their phone. A modern customer loyalty system will include a mobile App that allows customers to interact with the loyalty program and so much more.
  • Performance / Analysis – We help franchisors assess their current results and set goals and strategy for improvement. We partner with franchisors and their franchisees to leverage the direct relationship between the potential of their loyalty program and unit revenues. More importantly, we hold you, your franchisees and the supplier accountable.
  • Franchisee Communications – You can have the best technology, but without franchisee adoption and advocacy your loyalty program will never reach it’s potential. We help franchisors promote the benefits of their loyalty program to franchisees and make sure franchisees and their staff is receiving the proper motivation and training.

Why Utilize Greenbaum Marketing Services

Anyone who has deployed a customer loyalty program in franchise systems understands how difficult and tedious it can be. It is a major initiative and there are a variety of things that can go wrong to delay or impair the process. Typically, it takes and marketing professional that has real experience in customer loyalty and understand the operations of your business. In many circumstances, your internal team either doesn’t have that experience or the bandwidth to take on a customer loyalty project. Greenbaum Marketing fills that internal gap, providing the experience and string project management.  Working with technology suppliers, Operations, Marketing and your FAC, we expedite the process and turn great strategy into unit revenue growth.

Let’s explore how we can help you improve your existing loyalty program.


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