Identifying the Issues

When marketing isn’t effective it doesn’t take long for you to know you have a serious problem. And sometimes, it is difficult for franchisors to diagnose the problem when you are too close to it. As an experienced franchise marketing professional, I have worked with so many brands helping them solve their marketing challenges. There are some companies that I believe to be in denial, while other companies are completely open to criticism, evaluation and added accountability.

Collaboration + Brainstorming + Discipline = Results

At the forefront of new client relationships I will visit your corporate headquarters and hold a 1-2 day marketing strategy session with leadership and stakeholders. It provides an opportunity to gain insight on your company culture, infrastructure, capabilities, goals, brand, and your biggest marketing challenges. I enjoy collaborating with leadership, marketing, IT and franchise development when appropriate to gain perspective, while building a foundation for an effective working relationship.

Marketing strategy sessions are fast-paced and results driven. We go into the session with an agenda and specific goals for the meeting. By the end of our meeting, we have an initial framework for the strategic plan and a clear understanding of the next steps.

Topics often covered include:

  • Company Culture– Let’s face it, company culture has a huge impact customer perceptions, expectations, and loyalty.
  • Brand Positioning & Equity– I help companies strengthen their brand’s relationship with the world.
  • Franchisees– I work 100% with franchise organizations and completely understand the challenges in getting franchisees to adopt marketing initiatives. (I am happy to speak at FAC meetings and annual conventions to sell brand initiatives to franchisees.)
  • Existing Marketing Strategy– I analyze your existing marketing strategies to understand your gaps to determine what to keep and fix and what to discontinue.
  • Your Customers– I get to know your customers, purchase behaviors and the value they gain from your brand. The more I learn about your customers, the more ammunition I have to improve your results.
  • Internal and External Resources– The people you employ, the resources you use, and the budgets you set always influence results. I help my clients determine where there may be gaps and make the appropriate adjustments.
  • Customer Prospecting– This is a big challenge for most emerging brands that haven’t achieved strong brand awareness. I help franchisors re-tool customer prospecting strategies and identify opportunities to target more effectively.
  • Customer Loyalty– If your loyalty program is not catching on or if you would like to implement a customer loyalty program, I can help you. Let’s explore where you’re at and how we can create enthusiasm and momentum for your customer loyalty.
  • Franchise Development Lead Generation– Let’s discuss your prospect profiles, current metrics, strategies, and identify those gaps. I specialize in franchise lead generation and have worked with some of the smartest minds in franchising on this topic.
  • Brand Websites– I have been developing websites for the past 20 years and most of them have been for franchisors large and small. I’d be happy to take a look at your brand websites and let you know where you may be missing the boat.
  • Growth Goals– At the end of the day, it’s all about growth. I help franchisors achieve growth by fine-tuning your marketing strategy and tactics.

Let’s get the ball rolling!

Reach out to me to schedule an initial call and have a brief discussion about your challenges. You can email me at or complete my simple inquiry form.


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