Helping Franchisors Reach Growth Goals

Serving franchise leadership as a freelance Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Senior Marketing Strategist, and Web Strategist, I am an advocate for unit and system growth without any outside agendas, kickbacks, or political ties.

The franchise clients I work with enjoy having an “outside” perspective that can identify the gaps in strategy, people and resources that are often difficult to see from inside the organization. I have a methodical process in helping franchisors restructure their marketing strategy that begins with discovery and analysis. Through research, strategic planning, and collaboration I help franchisors and franchisees achieve growth goals and gain more ROI out of their marketing budgets.

Fixing Profit Leaks

There’s no question that ineffective marketing is one of the most costly profit leaks a franchise system can have. Working with franchisors, their marketing teams, and often with their agencies, I help uncover those strategies and associated tactics that are robbing franchisees of potential and ultimately robbing franchisors of royalty revenues. Once profit leaks have been identified, I partner with clients to set goals and put-in-place the strategies, people and resources that lead to stronger ROI and unit performance.

Creatively Positioning Your Brand to Build Response

As much as I am a Marketing Strategist, I am a seasoned Creative Director that understands how brand positioning and messaging can make all the difference when building a brand. I have had the honor of leading some of the best creative teams in franchising over the past 25 years and partnered with extremely talented professionals to craft brands, tell stories, and build customer equity. I believe that great creative has the power to deliver authenticity, position brands, foster loyalty, drive response, and make the difference between succeeding or failing.

When it comes to franchising, how your brand is communicated to the world and your customers is something you have to be great at. The opportunity costs for meritocracy are too high and franchisors cannot afford to lose franchisee or customer confidence.

Creating Momentum

Launching and growing a franchise system is a monumental task. There’s no question that ineffective marketing that leads to weak unit economics that can hurt a brand’s profitability – and fast.

The most effective marketing campaigns are those that are creative, emotionally target your customers, and effectively delivered through a marketing platform that is high-touch and promotes customer interactivity. Campaigns where implementation of tactics is fluid, touch points are many and customer engagement is optimized. When executed properly, you’ll gain the momentum that drives customer loyalty and frequency.

Working With Franchisees

My work with franchisors invariably involves building relationships with their franchisees and Franchise Advisory Council (FAC). Not only does it often provide insight I may not gain form the franchise leadership or marketing teams, it allows franchisees to become part of the process with their voice being heard. Franchisees tend to welcome an outside perspective and extremely pleased that the franchisor is actively seeking solutions to the brands marketing challenges.

When positioned properly to franchisees, I can be a powerful advocate for change, breathe excitement into marketing initiatives, and gain the support of your toughest critics. I love collaborate with franchisees and value their perspectives and insights. I am also more than happy to participate in FAC meetings, regional meetings and annual conferences, where I can serve the franchisors goals and make a positive impact on franchisees.


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